Project Description

hdm batch-mixers

Batch mixers HBM & HBM E

Il nuovo design del batch mixer per cioccolato HDM concentra i migliori requisiti nella produzione di cioccolato e nelle masse composte.

The generous layout of the cover allows various connections for solid and liquid ingredient and offers a maximum recipe flexibility. Equipped with four high-precision load cells, a unique dosing accuracy can be achieved supported by a tempering system with open or closed water circuit for precise process temperature control to ensure a uniform product quality from batch to batch.
The outstanding mixing effect of the HDM chocolate batch mixer HBM is achieved through the special design and arrangement of the mixing tools, which allow a very high energy input into the product, releasing the fat bound in the product for subsequent process steps.
Easy maintenance and low cleaning efforts are further features of the HDM chocolate batch mixer HBM. Parts are easy accessible for maintenance and the small clearance of the precise machined mixing tools provide a high-efficient emptying of the mixer resulting in minimal product residues. The inspection lid offers easy access to the mixer for cleaning proposes or the possibility of manual dosing of small amounts.

: for intensive mixing of light- to high-viscosity chocolate and coating masses using various liquid and solid ingredients.

Principali vantaggi

  • double shaft version for short mixing cycles even at challenging mixing tasks
  • design and arrangement of the mixing tools optimized for high-efficient mixing and emptying
  • jacketed mixing vessel for precise product temperature control
  • inspection lid with easy access and option for manual dosing
  • attractively priced single shaft version for standard applications or liquefying of fat masses