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for one hundred years in the future of chocolate.

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Born in 1920 in Ratibor, Upper Slesia, as an artisan pastry shop, it was soon innovated by its founder, Robert Sollich, with the invention of SOLLKOCH, the first sugar cooker with the application of vacuum. It was in 1928.

Since then, Sollich interest in creating tools to improve processes in confectionery production has never stopped.

From the first continuous vacuum “pot”, to the patent for a system for depositing fondant without using starch moulds, from the world’s first devices for controlling crystallization during chocolate processing, to the famous tempering machines and systems for molding and coating bars and pralines, the company founded in 1920 by Robert Sollich has definitively transformed itself, under the guidance of his son Helmut and grandson Thomas, into a manufacturer of machines for the confectionery and chocolate industry that today celebrates its first hundred years of history.

Thomas Sollich, grandson of the founder, continues today the family tradition with the search for solutions and construction details increasingly optimized and close to the needs of customers.

The attention to the evolution of industrial processes, of logistics and materials, the reliability of after-sales service, combined with the great attention paid to the training of its staff, in fact, have allowed the Sollich Group (now including Chocotech) to consolidate over the years a leadership recognized worldwide.

A success based also on the solid relationships established with the most qualified representative agencies, of which Opessi has the honor to be part – through two generations – since the nineties.

A reality that has its roots in time, with a know-how that makes it the most reliable partner for large companies, but also modern and oriented to the new needs of companies, with the development of lines with features and sizes increasingly smart to meet the needs of a market in continuous evolution.

In the wide range of Sollich’s offer there are also plants of reduced dimensions and high flexibility, able to guarantee faster and safer product changes, such as the coating systems with integrated CIP (ENROMAT CIP) or the small lines for the production of bars and the coating of pralines (Minicombar and Minicoater).


video sollich chocotec macchine cioccolato caramelle

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