Opessi seminar for University of Milan


In January, we were invited to present a new seminar to the students of Food Science and Technology Master’s Course of University of Milan, who collaborates with us on different initiatives, including of course the UniversityLab project.

We presented a lesson dedicated to the importance and complexity of technical representation, within the course of Plant design and management in the Food Industry, by Professor Riccardo Guidetti. Our aim? To bring future technologists closer to the industrial reality, made up of connections between the world of technology and the world of engineering.

To begin with, the students were presented with the main steps to be taken when setting up a plant: whether it involves process or packaging, as a first step, it is necessary to assess and define the type of product to be produced, the production capacity required, any product variants, the formats and therefore the choice of technology, naturally taking into account the technical requirements: space, logistical flows, utilities.

After an overview of these aspects, the focus shifted to technical representation, i.e. how to ‘put on paper’ plants, analysing flowsheets, P&IDs and layouts. Last but not least, the fundamental role of the technical operating and maintenance manual, the electrical diagram and the symbology was illustrated. Some information also related to safety.

Once again, the event was an opportunity to contribute, along with academic preparation, to the growth of future professionals and to bring them closer to the dynamics of production reality.

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