At Politecnico di Milano to talk about the bakery’s world in industry.

Insights dedicated to bakery during a seminar presented to Food Engineering students at the Politecnico di Milano by engineer Giuseppe Toscano of Opessi company, as part of Professor Simone Cinquemani’s Food Industry Machine Design course.

At both process and packaging levels, solutions dedicated to bakery products were presented, particularly bisquits, cookies, but also crackers and laminated products. From Baker Perkinssystems, with a special focus on ovens, to BVT, industrial bakery equipment, with the presentation of “Vacuum Cooling,” a type of vacuum technology, to naked product feeding and handling with Royal Houdijk. The session concluded with insights into packaging technologies-primary, secondary, tertiary-and palletizing from Livetech Group, HDG and Comek. 

There was also a time for discussion and insight into important topics such as efficiency, industrial production costs, and adapting plants to new hygiene standards, all of which were preparatory to the subsequent exercise that engaged future food engineers. 

The students also had the opportunity to participate in the interesting case-history presented by engineer Franco Ronconi from the historic company Galbusera S.p.A., followed by a useful visit to the company’s factory in Cosio Valtellino. 

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