The new DoubleSync lines that maximize the production

Reliability and accuracy in less space, thanks to Comek’s new compact solution with 2 systems in parallel: the DoubleSync line consists of 2 Comek VPE vertical packaging machines and 2 vertical auger dosers, perfect for dosing and packaging dusty products such as coffee, cocoa and puree mixes.
Careful design studies and special machine configurations avoid dispersing the product in the environment, reducing waste and preserving cleanliness in the work area.
Specially developed management software ensures perfect synchronism between the packaging machines and the conveyor belt. Thanks to this technology, the outgoing pouches will always keep the right distance, even with only one packaging machine active, avoiding overlapping and delays at the end of the line.


The parallel configuration allows production to be doubled: the new DoubleSync achieves up to 90 pillow and square bottom envelopes per minute, from 50 g up to 250 g.

This new solution is ideal in cases where there is a need to make the most of limited space, thanks to its compact configuration that guarantees exceptional space optimisation and is easily handled by a single operator.

In addition, the DoubleSync line allows the use of eco-friendly films, made of mono-material, compostable or recyclable paper, while maintaining the same level of performance in terms of sturdiness and sealing of the packages.

Safety is a top priority right from the design stage. DoubleSync lines can be manufactured in compliance with ATEX Zone 22 standard, which certifies a safe and reliable working environment.