Opessi Stefano srl, was born thanks to Stefano Opessi’s knowledge about manufacturing machines for the confectionery industry, chocolate industry and food industry. Stefano Opessi is a food technologist, assisted by Giuseppe Toscano, an engineer with large experience on industrial plants and steel processing.

The innovative spirit that distinguishes us leads us to seek a new way to offer up-to-date and reliable plants for food and packaging production, in areas where due to high competition, excellence becomes increasingly difficult.

For this reason our choice is to promote, along with well known brands, also leading brands that offer innovation at competitive prices, in the crowded world of automation.

Our proposals are developed in two divisions:

  • Sweet and Chocolate Technology, i.e. production of classical confectionery industry goods such as chocolate, candy, nougat, sweet and savoury baked products, as well as emergent products such as bars, snacks, and special items such as extrusions, clusters, creams etc. Each proposal will be customized according to specific customer requirements.

  • Packaging and Handling Systems, i.e. from production to primary/secondary packaging and robotic cartoning and palletizing, adding the chance to integrate the plants with automated warehousing and related automated transports system (shuttles).


Our engagement is growing and innovating while maintaining solid foundations in the tested technologies. Offering support of process technicians and engineers from our represented Companies, coordinated by us in order to find rational and competitive solutions, meeting your actual needs, assuring the reliability of the result with the greatest flexibility in production.

Our overriding commitment is focused on customer service, starting from the customer request to the production start-up and beyond, until reaching the full customer satisfaction.