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News from Live-tech live 2020

Specialized in packaging systems, Livetech, which has its new headquarters in the beautiful scenery of Monticello d’Alba, has significantly expanded its range of products.

In the field of secondary packaging, the company is specialized in the construction of robotized packaging lines – in the high-performance X-Series and essential and energy-saving E-Series versions – of stand-alone machines and LPA palletizing islands.

Its know-how, together with Fourpack experience, an integral part of the Group, expresses a complete range of products also in primary packaging, with primary, multi-pack and X-Fold flow-pack packaging machines.

The Livetech group also includes Ceda, Livetech Company since 2017. In addition to offering technologies for chocolate moulding, Ceda has a laboratory where customers can experiment with processes and solutions supported by specialists in the field.


Despite the absence of “traditional” trade fair events, throughout this year Livetech has maintained contact with customers and operators by organizing numerous visits to the new plant, first in virtual mode, then “live”, with appointments in the company. The team of Livetech experts, supported by the Opessi referents, accompanied them.

On the occasion of the Livetech Live event, the latest news on palletizing systems were presented and some machines in operation were illustrated:

standard Livetech machines for forming, filling and closing

complete secondary packaging systems

independent shuttles for secondary packaging solutions

flowpack wrapping machine Liveflow

Ceda systems for chocolate moulding and laboratory testing

The event took place in full compliance with the safety regulations.

The company, which offers consultancy and solutions that are always performing and oriented to sustainability, thanks to investments in research and development, is ready in the future to organize new openings of its plant for operators of food industry.

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