Push & Dose HDG

The new smart pouch for snack and confectionery

Guarda il video e scopri come funziona il nuovo packaging PUSH & DOSE HDG

HDG has always been successfully engaged in research, study and creation of packaging solutions that optimally meet the characteristics and needs of the most varied products.

Among the latest innovations HDG has recently presented Push&Dose, the stand alone pouch with a perforated elastic membrane at the top that allows you to sprinkle the contents comfortably from the package and without dispersion. It is a new technology for packaging of powdered products, seeds, dried fruit, dragèè and much more.

How does it work?

The package looks like a closable envelope that is very easy to open by removing the top part of the pouch along a tear notch line.

Then simply apply light pressure with fingers to open the pouch and extend the perforated membrane*, ensuring that the product flows out through the hole(s).

*materials are developed to meet FDA and European Food Safety requirements

Some of the advantages of the Push&Dose packaging solution:

  • Freshness of the product

The package is equipped with a smart closing mechanism, which keeps the product fresh for a long time

  • Customized product quantity

Shape, size, number and arrangement of the holes vary according to the type of product, ensuring a customized solution

  • Potential for the market

This pouch can be used for dosing varieties of granules and powders, such as spices and other food products, medical products, cosmetics and other specialty products.

  • Cost reduction

Compared to plastic and glass jars, a flexible package of this type is also an excellent solution in terms of material, production and transport costs.

The German company, which last year organized seminars dedicated to the theme of sustainability in packaging, is also engaged in research and experimentation of innovative materials to be used in the wide range of models that can be produced with its machines.

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