Horizontal form fill and sealing machines with rotary turret Type HDG-RB

Are ideally suitable for the manufacture and filling of 3 and 4 rimmed sealed pouches, double pouches, stand-up pouches, bottom-folding pouches and contour pouches, with and without reseal system. Even if frequent change between the different types of pouches is necessary, this is the correct machine. Different types of powder, granulates, small-sized products, liquids, creams, cloths, bulk goods and much more can be packed. Our horizontal packaging machines can manufacture, fill and seal pouches of sizes 35 mm x 40 mm (W x H) up to 400 mm x 400 mm (W x H). You can operate with a maximum of four tracks and, thus, attain a capacity of 360 pouches per minute. The HDG-Memorystrip and Zipper are available as a resealable system. Furthermore, HDG manufactures machine systems to fill pouches that have spouts. Thereby, you can operate either with ready-made pouches or manufacture these inline yourself. Here, 100 cycles per minute are possible.