Descrizione Progetto

Macchina per wafer arrotolati

Rolled wafer cones with a sugar content of about 35 – 55% of the flour content (sugar cones) are produced on fully automatic baking ovens.
After mixing, the batter is deposited at the oven head onto the lower plates of baking plate pairs which are mounted to a baking tong chain. The upper and lower plates close and run through the baking chamber.
After one turn, the baking plates open at the oven head. The baked sheets are taken off by a mechanical system and rolled to cones in a rolling device under application of pressure. The finished cones are cooled and transferred to an automatic stacking device, where they are stacked in pre-selected amounts, possibly also sleeved (put into paper or aluminum foil cones), and moved in rows to a take-off table.